Decor Ideas for Your Kitchen Walls

The kitchen of your apartments for rent should be regarded as a place that needs to be lively. It has to be cheery, clean and bright. Here the people should feel welcomed to cook, socialize and eat. Walls are often the overlooked areas in most of the apartment kitchens. People just paint them and then leave them alone. They can serve as the display pieces for décor if you handle them appropriately. All you have to do is to use some kind of inspiration as well as tackle that blank space available on wall.

Every cook would love to have new pans and pots, or some small strange gadget which serves the purpose of making it easier to prepare meals. After some time all new cookware goes into the cupboard and people start using old pans and pots as well as the gadgets don’t make too much difference any longer. So, rather than hiding your cookware which is still a lot shiny, you should place some pan rack in metal on the wall. Now the new set of pans and pots should be hung on this rack. A peg board piece can be painted and you can hang strange, unique kitchen gadgets on display. This way you will be allowed to have more space in drawers and cupboards of your kitchen in cheap apartments in las vegas.

You can decorate the walls of your kitchen in country style as well. This style normally refers to farm animals and checkers. You can buy pot and towel holders that feature geese, chickens, cows and the cats. Think about mounting some kind of wide shelf up on walls of your apartment kitchen and use it for displaying cookie jars in country style. You can edge this shelf using black & white checked ribbon or a lace. Use cup hooks at the shelf’s bottom and also hang coffee mugs there as well. Now below these coffee mugs you can have the option of hanging do-not-use, fancy pot holders, dish towels and oven mitts on wall. You should also look out for the towels and pot holders which match your chosen cookie jars.

At times, all you need for decorating the walls of the kitchen in your rental apartments is an attractive paint design that can liven up overall kitchen décor. You can either make or buy stencil cutouts having different shapes like flowers, animals or any design of your own choice. Now cut your kitchen sponge into two halves. One of the halves should now be dipped in the acrylic paint that has been thinned out. The stencil should be held up to wall and you should dab opening using the sponge. You can make border close to wall’s top, or can take a wild approach printing some images in the random places all along a wall.