Does A Las Vegas Vacation Have To Include Shows And Gambling?

There is no doubt that Las Vegas is a cultural destination renown across the United States of America. “Sin City” as it is often called should be on the vacation destination bucket list of anyone who likes to travel America, and many get to go there just because of family reunions or professional conferences.

The question is, though, does a Las Vegas vacation have to include shows and gambling? The Strip is famous for its many casinos, hotels, dining options, and the famous shows that happen every evening. From music to comedy to magic and circus acts, many forms of entertainment are available in these shows. Combined with time at the slots or poker tables and all-you-can-eat food and shopping, many Vegas vacations center around just this handful of activities.

What if you’ve already been there and done that? Or, what if you’ve never been and it just doesn’t appeal to you?

Fortunately, Vegas has a lot more to offer. There are quite a few tourist spots around the Las Vegas metropolitan area that can fill your time, be it famous restaurants or notable spots off the Strip. Consider visiting the world famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, as seen on the History Channel. Autographs and photos with the staff are possible, or you could buy something you saw on the show! For that matter, you could shop at many of the other stores they bring in experts from.

If you’ve seen the show, then you know that there are several notable museums in the city too. Being in the West, Vegas has plenty of history, too, outside of museums. There’s also plenty of golfing, luxury spas and resorts, hiking, and other outdoor activities in the open or desert spaces surrounding the city.