How You Can Make Space In Tiny Apartment Kitchens Without Having To Remodel


A chef or cook will definitely tell that it really makes great different to prepare quality meals when you have right equipment as well as space available to you. To be unfortunate, some people do not have that luxury of large kitchen, especially when they live in small apartments in las vegas.

It can be frustrating to cook in the small kitchen having limited counter space. However, with some organization and planning, you’ll definitely be able to handle things quite well without the need of remodeling the kitchen at all. With the passage of time, kitchens tend to get crowded with different utensils if it is allowed to happen. Sell or donate anything that is not in use any more and all else should be kept in the kitchen of your cheap apartments in las vegas. When you are sorting through the storing spaces, you need to be liberal in your approach because if don’t store too many useless items it will definitely help you to remove all the clutter in your space.

It is advisable to keep the cookbooks in some of your bookcases present in some other part of the apartment. The kitchens tend to be full of dirt, smoke and grease. So, it may not be a wise choice if you keep your cookbooks in your kitchen. Keeping them in bookcases will allow you to make use of the counter or shelves for your small-sized kitchen appliances, or they can serve as the reserve space for you to be used when some extra space is needed to complete your chores.

Whenever possible, try to replace your small-sized old appliances with sleeker versions. The newer appliances tend to have compact shape and they also save quite a significant amount of electricity and bring more efficiency to the kitchen of your las vegas apartments.

You can work around different ways for creating additional surfaces. Like, sinks with some kind of integrated drainboard/colander or the storage basket, tend to be quite efficient and stylish; it proves to be helpful in making useful kitchen space. It can also help if you are able to add some pull-out cart or rolling cart. Always buy a cart which matches the overall décor of the kitchen and provides you with storage space as well.

Finally, the kitchen should be cleaned as soon as you have cooked. Dirty dishes must go into the dishwasher or sink right after cooking and must not be left lying there on countertop. While the food is being cooked, this time can be used for doing your dishes. Any trash should be immediately sent to waste basket, making sure that it doesn’t get accumulated everywhere.

Lazy Susan can also be a good idea for organizing and utilizing the drawer space in the small kitchen of apartment rentals. Drawers or shelves can be installed which can be easily pulled out so that items placed at the end can be accessed easily.